Polar simulation

Polar Simulation provides affordable display solutions for gaming- and professional users. The different solutions from Polar Simulation is the easiest way to a truly immersive display system. Our displays is expandable in both horizontal and vertical direction.

Used with a head tracker device, it will give the user a feeling of beeing totally immersed by the visual environment.


Polar Simulation utilizes projectors from the worlds leading projector manufacturers and together with the Warpalizer™ software for warp and blend, we bring to the market a low cost display system ready for use.



Polar gaming kit

Polar Gaming Kit consists of 3 elements. A curved screen with support for screen and projectors. 3 LED projectors and Warpalizer software for warping and blending. This kit will give you a new world of gaming experience. Flying aircraft, Car racing , War games, or other games. 140 degrees wide field of view puts the flat screen to rest. This is the most cost effective and coolest display available on the market.

Polar Roleplayer kit

The Polar Role Player Kit consists of the Polar Gaming Kit, a gaming chair ideal for flight sim and driving. The Role player kit also comes with Head tracker, Buttkicker, and external monitor holders. The chair has mountings for joysticks, yoke/steeringwheel, pedals, collective, thrust/power handles, mouse keyboard etc. 

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polar Simulation kit

The Polar Simulation Kit consists of the Polar Roleplayer kit and also includes a pc with simulation software. A complete package for starting simulation at once. Traffic recognition training, maritime navigation, and other  part task trainers available.